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Filled With Hate Records (2009)
Get This Right Records (2013)

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released February 13, 2009



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CDC Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ten Amerikan Days
Amerika. (I'd hate to interrupt your normal bullshit broadcast but breaking news! This is I, reporting live from somewhere. If you're going out your door today, don’t forget your rifle, there's a war out there!). Change the world fight the fire with fire, quench the blood thirst, killing hidden demon desires, fire with fire, Burn. Every mother fucking cynical criminal eye, trying to quarantine my life, FUCK YOU! Day 1. No fun prez is coming for you. Day 3. Got my kids, now he’s coming for me. Day 4. Off the floor time to settle the score. Day 5. Now im staying alive. It' s day ten and I'm better off dead. (Never gone set me up, never gone shoot me down. Cuz I'm gonna stand my ground and burn you. If you ever catch my eye, might as well say goodbye. N I'm gonna tell you why, I'm fire.)
Track Name: Let it Burn
Go figure. Put the barrel to your brain. Wash your guts out in the rain. Generations gone insane. Aggro gonna bring it to you raw. From the preacher to the politician, Kill corruption across the nation! My daddys were all fighters and they died for what they knew. I speak the truth, and I'm dying for the youth. FOR THE YOUTH. Religion brought humanity, Jesus brought the fear. Now he is a weapon used to kill morality. The food we eat, contaminated, used to kill our minds. Combined with false media, we're bleeding from the inside. THE BLEEDER, HE AIN'T YOUR FUCKING LEADER. The war is so invisible. For every parking meter, and every parking ticket, you aid the drug war. Deconstruction of humanity, killing our own. KILL THEM ALL OR SAVE THEM ALL. I'll keep fighting, I'll keep fighting, for the youth. I'll keep dying, I'll keep dying, for the youth. For the peace, love, justice, liberties that set me free, let it burn. Fire FIRE Fire FIRE Fire BURN. Justice got a hold of me, I'm a rebel in my society. Fire FIRE fire FIRE fire BURN. For the peace, love, justice, liberties that set me free, let it burn. Fire FIRE fire FIRE fire. Gonna let that fire burn. LET IT BURN
Track Name: Ghost Writer
They used to call me ghost writer, a nothing a coward never a fighter. The ball was in their court with their sights set to terrorize. Eyes bleed, dreaming of my deceit. Abandoned my society before they could abandon me. I listen, I write it, record it, forget it.(4x) Listen, forget it. Listen I write it, record it then I forget it. Dimwits singing my shit and it's kinda pathetic ya. It's my shit so fuck ya all. Tell me how it was to walk the wire, I KNOW YOUR STORY BECAUSE I WROTE IT. Tell tall tales like I wasn’t there. DON’T YOU KNOW I FUCKING WROTE IT. The air you breathe the world you see. EVERYTHING YOU ARE I WROTE IT. I am the object of your desire. The GHOST WRITER, YO! Where would you be my dear old friend? If it wasn’t for me and my writing hand? You would be pumping gas in a dead end town, better be glad of the fact that I came back around. But then I must admit if it it weren’t for you, I would be sitting alone at that dead end too, probably smoking crack, or like huffing glue, why don’t we shut the fuck up, we got work to do. Never again will I be a ghost writer.
Track Name: Invisible Man
Dead beats got your heads rocked steady. Since the beginning I was born to be dead, yea. My name, my face, erased it. You'll wonder what the smile on my nameless face meant. Knees deep in a fog of deceit. While the skulls picked clean crush beneath my feet. Goddamnit, mankind planned it. Identity treason peeling flesh in the burning season. You fucking failure. Living in your filth. What it takes to understand. All these times you’ve tried and failed. You still don’t get it. I’ve climbed the walls, I’ve freed myself, without the help of you, or anyone else.(3x) Invisible. Like death like life. Invisible. Like truth like lies. You can’t see me. You can’t feel me. Invisible. my death, my life, my truth, my lies. Invisible.
Track Name: Bullet Biter
Smash this state. Disrupt the instigator. Seal this fate. Negate the agitator. Stars and stripes the pray for me. In my country tis of thee. FREEDOM FIGHTER BULLET BITER. Colors bleed into the fire. Wretched land of liberty. FREEDOM FIGHTER BULLET BITER. Smash this state. Disrupt the instigator. Seal this fate. Negate the agitator. Burn. Burn the oppressor, burn it to nothing. Nothing is killing what I am becoming. Gather your fleas, do as you please. (but I'm surviving) Crippling disease, fall to your knees. Freedom fighter, Amerika. Bullet biter. Pick it up now burn the earth, fuck. Burn the oppressor, burn it to nothing. Crippling disease, fall to your knees. Fall to your fucking knees.