Defy the Odds

by CDC

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released August 15, 2007



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CDC Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Crowd War
Holding your broken jaw, you wonder why CDC plays so fucking hard/Fuck your phony façade. Don’t care for your fucking image/Face the mirror, you fucking joke, you’re the same as all the others/Television, magazines make up what you are/What the fuck are you trying to prove, your no fucking star/Smash your face with this hate coming from disgust/CDC fraggle rock this is a must/Crowd war/I’ll take the best of you/This is a threat to you from me/When we’re done, lessons learned/I’ll break you, go/Crowd war/Tear you and your friends from bow to stern/Don’t care if I’m 5’11”/155, its all about what’s inside./Channel that energy in a negative way, there’s gonna be a crowd war today.
Track Name: Saddle Up
Never thought I’d end up like I have/But still you pulled me through just like you always do/The high road that led us here/Ideals we all hold near our hearts/We share the hardest times/We all stand for who and what we are/You’re the way you were from the start/The respect I have for you comes from the heart/Love the way you shine, the way you are/Never change it/For my friends/For my family/For the ones who gave me fucking life/For the truth (2x)/Fighting/ For the truth/Dying/For the truth/You throw us lies but we see right through/The way we live is because of you/ Standing close never left behind/You push us down but we smash right through you/For the ones who gave me life
Track Name: This is Forever
We’re all here, forever/What are you here for?/I’m out to speak my fuckin mind/Opinions that I used to hide/Your life’s so secure/Wish I had half what you’ve got/Something tells me you don’t have what it takes/Determination and the fucking will/It’s not about your indie fashion show/It’s about the music and the bros/If you don’t like the way it fuckin goes/Don’t wanna see you at our shows/You don’t like the way it fucking goes/Don’t wanna see you at our showsRunning your mouth with the strength you lack/New jack better watch your back/Living in your safe world/You’ve got nothing to show/Standing at the back of the room/Whining about your broken glasses/Your perceptions, failed you again/Run back to Elliot you fucking faggot/You think, this is a fucking game/You’re dead wrong/This is forever
Track Name: Ghetto Ain't Hard, Ghetto is Hell
Lived it up, sucked it up/But your all stuck now, Aren’t you fucked now/48 years old with two kids you don’t know/48 years old got nothing to show/Mothers crying over children’s graves/How many mothers wish that you were dead/Who the fuck are you?/Your raw deal, yeah fuck who you are/ You’re in your mother’s car, your Pablo Escobar/Should have packed up, got out of my town/ Didn’t listen this is how it went down/Reap what I sow, cause I told yah I told yah/Your buggin out is it the crack that they sold yah/Left for the border a minute to late/And now your crying pushin guts with your cell mate/ Who the fuck are you/Do all you can to surround me/I’ll still be pulling my weight/Let all your hatred surround me/And in the end it will lead to your fate/And it goes(3x)/Nowhere no how, see you when you get out/I’ll live on/Won’t forget about the rest of you/About who you were and who the fuck you are/Might be the hardest cats on your block/But there are bigger blocks that will stop you at the top/Your sad existence will bother me no more/We’re glad you’re gone and through my actions we will all live on/I will live on/And I don’t give two fucks about your reputation age/And instigation will only get your habits/Knocked right out the back of your fuckin skull
Track Name: Jungle Beat
Track Name: I-Ball Deathwish
Shit out of time shit out of luck/constructive criticisms I don’t give a fuck/you’re afraid, afraid, of what would lie ahead/talk that shit when you’re behind me/fear one day your words might find me/time to see how small the world really is/And now it comes back to you/one, two, three strikes your out/last nerve got shot long ago, me and the beasts here to take you out/What’s the deal thought you said you had something to say/If you’re as hard as I hear, tell me why the fuck you walking away/(Turn right the fuck back around you punk ass bitch, I ain’t done with you)/the line is black the line is white the line ain’t gray today, and I fuckin hate you/get your boys get your girls cuz tonight I’m strapped to take the fucking world on/my visions red my brain is dead, with disgust that burns through my head/giving my life to see your end and I don’t give a fuck/I’m here to kill motherfucker now you’re life is at stake/I’m here to die motherfucker come and take it away/I-ball death wish/I’d rather die with this hate in my heart than to live with this knife in my back/not doing my thing just to wither away/I’m living, praying, fighting to die young, fighting for today/wont live to see the earth and sky, cry and fall/with honor pride ill die standing tall/Die standing tall/I’d rather die with this hate in my heart than to live with this knife in my back/I’d rather die with this hate in my heart than to live with this knife in my mother fuckin back/Who will stop us now? Nobody (2x)
Track Name: Cool Dudes Chillen (Demo Version)
CDC This is our war/A fight for truth/A fight for hardcore/Get on that dance-floor /Show me what you’re workin with/Stomp! Stomp! This is for the ones who keep it real/Show us how the fuck you feel/never break us, never take our pride/awwwwwwwww CDC/1 down 49 fucking left to go/Road head, block parties after every show/I hate you, never needed you/Look at us now/Look at us, look at us now/Look at us, look at us now, from the ground up/Look at us, look at us now/215/CDC firestorm, were on the swarm./When I close my fists I wont pull away until your dead/When your ashes make it home you’ll be but a bad memory/and the last words you heard were CDC