by CDC

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released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


CDC Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: End
I’m so in love with the end motherfuckers, dying to taste it. The demons on the street and I’m trying to chase it. The reapers a release of the ball and chain all the walks of life share, swallowing their pain. Burn the meek rotting in the fucking streets. Fuck it all; I want to see it burn like my dreams. It’s the end, and I want to hear a planet scream. It’s the end and it’s the end I wanted it to be. END
Track Name: Degeneration
With an ounce of faith I could crush a mountain of fear. Face to face with all I hate, I could save the world, before the fold, before the close, before the end, before the degeneration. Sink of swim. Degeneration. Lose, or win. Will you love, or will you die? Separate and unfold, between the weak and the bold, how will the story unfold, how will the future be told now? The cries of the ignorant shrouding the world in its insolent end. Consecrated secrecy, an ancient mask to hide the enemies from the friends. Fear the people, don’t fear me, embrace the shaking pillars of your sanity. Fear yourself, don’t fear me, fear the padded walls of their sanctity. Brace yourself, don’t hold me, I’ll let you fucking fall like they did me. Face yourself, you will see, we all are our own gods and will forever be fearless. Blood in the eyes of your master. Formless. Eyes on the hand of the bastard. Watch what he takes. Take what he wants. Want what he takes. Steal from the bastard hand. Degeneration
Track Name: Dying Legend
Mother said to seize the day. Father said to seize it my own way. VIVA LA DOMINATE. Forever desecrate. Long live the flesh of the rotting christes, and long live the legends that became our vices. A believer turned deceiver turned to living dead. The gear that turns the sacred bullet blowing through my head. Tombstones, ash to the wind, where to begin? All I see is death and all the suffering of my kin. The only way to justify the fire is with the fire, but when you fight back the whip cracks, breaking your back. And now, I can’t deny the sinking feeling, that I’ll be hanging from my ceiling, and just to bring it to a close I close my eyes I hold my nose I hold my breath I pray I choke. Dying legends are resting in the belly of our inner fears. Dying legends, die for him, die for his, laughing on his crucifix. Dying legends need their fix, in their veins, with your blood, 666

Heaven, come down. Prayers will never hide. Heaven, come down. The homicide (2x)

Mother said to seize the day. Father said to seize it my own way. God said the sun was a loaded gun, said to shoot the sky down when his days are done. You dying legend
Track Name: Eyes and Teeth
What guides this fist of mine? My body is a temple, but is it mine? I travel the world to try and find the line that separates the truth and the lie and with every minute alive, another minute dies. When I’m down I’m coming off the ground and when I’m up my eyes are looking all around at you waiting to pounce on you while you wait to stab at me. Why you grabbin at a piece of what I got for me? But me, see, I just ain’t got no time, keep looking for mine. Nothing to waste, fuck running in place. Cause I ain’t no jack, and I ain’t no quitter, and I ain’t done yet, and I’m just beginning. The way I walk and the way I talk, yeah the way I be took my whole life to be. I’m on this road living by my code living by my way, making tomorrow today, right now. It’s alright. It’s all a curveball, this fucked up world y’all. It’s alright. Throw it at me kid, I got a bat for all that shit. It’s alright I said. Crack it back at your punk ass. It’s alright. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth, the world goes round and round and round and round
Track Name: Temple
Check 1 it’s done I think I’ll lay down for a minute just to sit back up pool of sweat up in my bed again, damnit. I wish that I could stop the earths spinning. But something tells me that this all of might just’ve been the beginning of something. Can’t wrap my head around it, but when I think I’ve found it, yo there it goes again, lost it. Has it run for me or did I toss it? Either way I’m right back on that street corner, hating every suit and tie, that cross my line, motherfucker I’m so sick of swimming through all this bullshit, that I might just load a clip and fucking blip out on the planet

(chorus) Yo I can’t even keep my friends alive, cuz I can’t even keep myself alive. 2 choices run or hide. Fake the feelings that lie inside. Fake our loves and kill our minds. Born to die in this piece of trash. Busted down, piece of shit. Holes in the walls that we crawl behind. Holes in the hearts that beat inside. Holes in the dreams that we die to find. Holes in the sun that shines alive. The sleepless nights and lonely beds beneath the blown out streetlights.

Check 2 is this for you is this for me? See I never really got if I was feeling y’all you feeling me? Nah… Cynical motherfuckers, smiling at your brother, right before your gearing to kill up on each other. And those think tanks turned drink tanks and those dick heads turned fucked dicks till their deathbeds. Fat gets fatter faster than the poor get put to sleep. And all the intellectuals just get born to die dreaming, dead presidents still tearing up their fucking scheming. I’m so pissed I can barely fucking take it, I could never fucking take it, that’s the problem I’ve been facing.


Guns drawn soldiers wait at the gates of the temple of our minds. I know the end is nigh, but I’ll be ridin. Straight to the sun and beyond, yo I’ll be dying on no ones time but mine(2x)